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Murray Steinfield, HAS, BC-HIS, ACA

Murray Steinfield, HAS, BC-HIS, ACA
Board Certified Audioprosthologist

Murray Steinfeld is a Board Certified Audioprosthologist, a member of the Conference on Audioprosthology and certified by the International Institute of Hearing Instrument Sciences and Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences, licensed as a Hearing Instrument Specialist by the State of Florida.

Originally from northern New Jersey Murray attended both Fareleigh Dickinson and Columbia Universities and is a member of the International Hearing Society, The Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals and The Mensa Society.

After many years of dedicated service to the Deaf & Hearing Impaired children of Okeechobee County, Murray was honored by the Okeechobee County School District for his unselfish service & care to the impaired children without compensation.

Murray's practice incorporates sub-specialties assisting people who live with single sided deafness and those who suffer with the often debilitating frustrations of "Tinnitus". Having been trained by the world renown Dr. Pawel j. Jastreboff,Phd.who has authored many books on Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, enabling many people to live happy and productive lives in spite of the Tinnitus frustrations that have complicated their lives.

Murray is one of less than 1300 specialists trained by Dr. Jastreboff to provide "Tinnitus Retraining Therapy"(TRT) to help those in need at his Jupiter Hearing Solutions Clinic.