Consider this !! The world we live in, on a daily basis, is constantly in motion. The winds are blowing, rain falls, people and animals are moving about, ocean waves pound at our shores and all the while these natural sounds are mixing with the sounds of the mechanical world such as cars, airplanes and other motors. This wide variety of sounds we live with day in and day out are without question the factors that make us believe we are all an integral part of this world in which we live. All these sounds contribute to our feelings of being alive and living in a world of productive activity.

Coupling all these natural and mechanical sounds with the casual and mechanical comments of normal conversations that we hear on a daily basis gives us a sense of being part of our normal social environ and gives each of us the feeling that we are listening to the music of life.

For those whose hearing worsens many of these beautiful sounds fade or disappear. That individual begins to experience feelings of loss and sadness which often goes unrecognized for long periods. The reason is, those affected don’t realize that they aren’t hearing many of these sounds.

It is difficult to describe the delight I often witness, observing those who realize their loss and as a result of being properly prescribed and fit with corrective hearing instruments quickly rediscover what they have been missing.

At Hearing Solutions our patients are provided with “Aural Rehabilitation” as an integral part of wearing new hearing instruments. Included are important rehabilitation factors such as confidently using the telephone ( which many with uncorrected hearing loss shy away from ), listening to music or television and being involved in communications at social events, wher background noise often scares off the hearing impaired person. Our patients are encouraged to both observe and use facial expressions as well as body language as an aide to better understanding of conversation coupled with the daily use of properly prescribed hearing instrumentation.

As they progress back into the wonderful world of hearing we notice a very different attitude than existed when they first walked through our office door. They now have a restored sense of confidence that was lost before. They’ve learned what better hearing means and how it changes their lifestyle. They like it!! They want it and look forward to it every day. They also understand that their family and friends want it for them as well and they eagerly agree with them.

For me and HEARING SOLUTIONS subscribing to what Will Rogers once said, “ If you want to be successful, its’ just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing.”

At HEARING SOLUTIONS that is the motto I live by each and every day.