Hearing Solutions of the Palm Beachs

Unitron Hearing Aids

A ground-breaking new category of open hearing instruments that merges the most desirable attributes of ultra-small BTE and CIC.

Open fit, all in the ear.

  • The advantages of an open fitting ultra-small BTE with the aesthetics of a CIC
  • Innovative dual-flow vents provide occlusion-free fit
  • Extremely small profile is almost completely concealed in the canal

Exceptional comfort and fit rate.

  • Revolutionary articulating joint eliminates pressure points and improves retention
  • Natural angles established through 3D fit rate studies
  • Left ear and right ear versions
  • Extremely small

Fully featured, no-compromise performance.

  • Superior sound quality of Unitron’s advanced technologies and purpose-driven features
  • Passport, Steinbeck 16 and Steinbeck 8 technologies
  • Advanced feedback suppression technology
  • Smart Control remote for discreet adjustments


… All of this in an instant fit. 



How can you have it all? Be fitted with the most discreet, attractive hearing instruments possible, without sacrificing on the functionality you know will work best for your hearing loss. Get access to technology that is clinically proven to pull clear speech out of background noise—even in an open-fit. Ensure that you stay connected with wireless technology, in a style that’s all your own.  That’s living life with Moxi™3G.


Small, aesthetically appealing hearing instrument
  • Discrete ultraa?Â?small BTE
  • Virtually invisible on the ear
  • Comes in 10 metallic colors to appeal to individual style preferences
  • Shell color can be changed to create a new look
  • Attractive design for when you want to show off your MoxiTM
Cutting edge automatic performance, with the option of control
Get it all
  • No need to sacrifice discretion and style for technology
  • Stay connected with Access to wireless features that allow you to stayconnected to people, places and technologies in your life including:
    • Cell phone
    • MP3 player
    • Bluetooth enabled technologies
    • FM systems
    • Wireless TV listening
  • Full functionality across all technology and pricing levels
  • Variety of technology levels that fit all lifestyles and budgets
  • Fits majority of hearing losses (regular and power receiver available)
  • Easy and automatic phone solutions a?Â? Wireless and nonwireless